Guiding Principles


  • Provide as fun and safe a racing environment for both builders and their cars as we can.


  • Encourage growth of relationships amongst the participants.


  • Use as the place for the most current information about events while attempting to pay attention and be responsive to the discussion boards that are known.


  • Try to be as inclusive as possible without endangering the group’s performance.  (This means that reserves the right to pack up their toys and go home or to tell other people they may not participate.)


  • Attempt to follow common or public guidelines for the specifications for the various divisions that cars can be entered in.


  • Support other racing organizations/leagues in promoting the sport.


  • Acknowledge the various sources for expertise in the sport, this includes but is not limited to discussion boards, web sites, vendors.


  • Freely share knowledge, experiences and skills with all who ask or will listen.


  • Support the advancement of racing these wonderful little cars!


  • It is acknowledged that these cars can be fragile and only the best of care will be used by anyone who is handling them.  While promising to “do our best” we can not accept any liability for accidental damage that is incurred. 




The wooden based things we build and then share with others.  Hopefully the cars will be raced. The cars may be raced for as long as the owner wants, and PwdRacing is still having races. 



Those who build the cars.



There are going to be different classes of Teams.  We will encourage that there be teams in the following classes:

·         Small group teams(<10? builders), such as Cub Scout Den, Church School Class, neighborhoods, etc.

·         Large group teams (>20 builders), Cub Scout Packs, District or Division winners teams, Church School grade levels, etc.

·         Pro-Teams (<= 6 builders), a special group of builders who want to team up to compete with other teams.



Groups of Builders and Teams that have a common bond and want to play together.


Points for teams or leagues may be calculated in various fashions. . .

    Averages per member

    Total for all members

    Best Member's Points for each event/division/race

    Other numerical methods as people come up with them.


Recognition will be provided for:

  Cars for each “Racing Season”

  Cars and Builders for each race/event for each division.

  Builders for Overall for each “Racing Season”

  Builders for a Division for each “Racing Season”

  Teams for Division and Overall for each “Racing Season”

  Cars, Builders and Teams for reaching various life-time point levels


What can earn points:

  Cars for performance.

  Cars for design/looks.

  Builders inherit points from the cars they submit.



Builder Point Limits:

  Builders will only earn points for one car in each division each race.  


A builder will only get points from a car for the first 12 months from when it is first raced at PwdRacing.


Builders can send more than one car if they like, but only their best performing car eligible for builder points in each division will count towards builder points.


  Builders can only earn 25 points in the Rookie Division.


Car Point Limits:

  A car can only accumulate 25 points in the Rookie Division.

  A car can accumulate life-time points for as long as we have races/events.

  Points for a car will be awarded at PwdRacing races/events only. 




Testing your Car:

Since PwdRacing holds races for other groups there is the possibility that cars may be raced on one of the PwdRacing tracks on a “test” basis to determine how they are doing.  There will be no points awarded and the performance information will be provided to the builder only.




While it is really doubtful that anyone will be able to make enough off this sport to live on except possibly doing product sales it is acknowledged that PwdRacing will incur some costs in providing services or items of recognition.  It would be REALLY nice if these costs could be covered by others who are willing to share the burden.  When PwdRacing helps out with a race for a local group and they ask how much it costs all that is said is that it is a freewill donation.  PwdRacing does not charge a fee and has done several races without getting any donation except the happiness of the racers and that is the way it will be!   


So far, the concept has been that any donations for the use of PwdRacing resources are applied back into the track or used to support the scouting program.  The fees will have to cover the costs incurred by PwdRacing, such as recognition items.


The track was originally made by a member of Pack 227 and PwdRacing would like to continue to support those boys, their parents, and their pack in their scouting activities as they support the kids and families in PwdRacing’s local area.  PwdRacing has been known to donate small camping scholarships for scouts who can not afford to go to camp.  The intention is to continue this practice and so some of the donations/fees may be used for these purposes.  PwdRacing also provides workshops for several months and all that is asked of the participants a freewill donation to help cover some of the costs so racing fees may help offset some of those.



  Live racing will be free will donation.


  Proxy Entry fees will be as follows:

    Single Car     $12

    Cars 2 to 5    $10

    Cars 6+         $  8


    Show Only    $  5 per car


Return Shipping will be kept as reasonable as possible.  The amount of time and supplies taken to repackage and ship the cars will have to be determined.  Based on other groups it looks like postage is around $4.00 for USPS Priority Mail.  Other methods will be supported as much as possible.